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Hotcafé English More than of the wifi, a cocktail of connections (video, Web, voip, mobility, and much more still)

Hotcafé it is an access Internet without free wire, made safe, high flow. Different service limited and unlimited are proposed to you for a connection of quality. The platform media which will enable you to connect yourselves in each establishment is evolutionary. We bring and propose permanently innovations the initiatives of the Web which allure us, of the hardware,un blog ect. Our commercial development, network, are based on the ésseimage talents: artistic, professional, tourist, and... commercial. They become our partners, our sponsors, our prescribers, our collaborators and all with the service of étique that we imagine similar Résolument turned towards your comfort of connections and your need of mobility, we hope to meet you in Hotcafé.

Hotcafé... More connections!!!!

Then if you want to know the next place or you should drink glass, lunch, make your next meeting of work or to telephone to send a mall, simply to play or discover the district go in one hotcafé... And to make discover HotCafé sending its 1ere freepass with a friendly tone!!!


Freepass is propose to you if you wish to connect you to Internet and also all that we propose to you...

The freepass should not in no case to be sold, it is offered to you for drink in the establishment it is a service which the establishment in which entrusts to us you to connect itself.

A gate of access to all the last wandering services: free telephony on IP, to discover the services exclusive Webs, and to discover geolocalized contents.